A Pinprick of Light in the Darkness

Imagine that you have only ever lived in a big dark room.

You are vaguely aware of others around you and you have learned to tread carefully so that you don’t intrude on each other’s space.

Then one day something breaks the darkness; a tiny, almost indiscernible spot that does little more than make itself known and inspire curiosity.

And then another appears. You realize that you actually have the ability to see it and that there is something beyond the darkness. You feel a shift in the energy of the room, a combination of excitement and fear.

As more spots appear, the energy grows more intense. The awareness that there is something beyond the darkness makes your head feel like it might explode because suddenly you are not just fumbling around in your own surroundings. There is something more.

Eventually, more spots let in enough light that they begin to illuminate what is around you and you see the others in your midst for the first time. Some are peering through the tiny holes, hoping to catch more of a glimpse of the blinding light while others cower in the corners, terrified.

You are conflicted. The level of comfort you have achieved in the darkness has been violated. Part of you is angry because you know that you will have to change. The light will only continue to grow and hiding in the darkness will no longer be an option.

This is awakening. It doesn’t happen all at once. It is the coalescence of many tiny pinpricks of light arranging themselves to show you what you need to see. Not seeing is as simple as closing your eyes but those around you who have allowed themselves to experience what is beyond the dark room will not rest until you open them, at which point the light will be blinding rather than subtly illuminating.

Each day, if you open your eyes a little more and take in one more tiny spot of light to see what lies in its beam, the world reveals itself in all its wonder. Darkness turns to gray and gradually your landscape is flooded with color.

But as you sit there in the darkness contemplating the light and all that might be required of you to live in it, it’s easy to refuse because you are not guaranteed that it will be any better than where you are now.

Will you take the chance to open your eyes?