About GayPK

I hold the unusual distinction of being the lesbian daughter of a minister and recently became ordained myself through the Universal Life Church so that I can serve those who feel disconnected from the world of organized religion.

Join me as I look for the humor, irony, and poignancy on a path that is traveled by few but can be appreciated by many.

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One thought on “About GayPK

  1. Blessings, woman. I am an older (62) lesbian who is in the final formation stages for ordination in the diaconate in Hawaii. I read your blog with great interest and some of the points you made were truly good ones. I get tired of what seems to be an endless battle where God is dragged in and tossed about like everyones’ puppet. Hard to take. My stand has always been that no one has to get married just like no one has to perform a marriage. It’s a civil right more than anything. But it does seem to be turning many of us into gay harpies. So I really appreciate your point of view. You have given me some new things to think about. I suppose I don’t know if I would actually get married. I’ve been with my wife for 17 years now and you don’t get much more married than we are. I would like the legal protections. Much to think about and continue to pray over. Have a great day.

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