Why I Think Jesus Is A Black Lab

Miss Kay

Art by Miss Kay (click on pic to see more)

Let the howling begin about comparing our Lord and Savior to a dog!

If you are not completely offended already, read on and I’ll explain myself….

Throughout my life, there have been many dogs and other animals. They served purposes and had jobs. We even ate some of them (except for the dogs and cats). Mostly, they co-existed with us on our farm in New Hampshire.

It wasn’t until a particular dog came into my life that the spark ignited for me, but not at first. She seemed like just another one in the line. It wasn’t until I began to see the world through her eyes and experience my own existence in relation to hers that I understood who she was.

I think this happens for most people when they establish a filter that gives the world a particular meaning. Some people call that filter Jesus, others Buddha, etc. Me, I call it Murphy.

Sixteen years in the company of the most spiritually complete being I’ve ever met created for me a way of seeing the world that allowed me to understand divinity.

But what about other breeds, you may ask? Other people may not relate to the black lab that way.

I completely agree and that’s why I would tell them that it’s not about the breed or the color or the gender. It’s about the spark.

Human beings will fight all day and night about those things. They’ll say Jesus was white or black or gay or straight, etc., and all the while they will completely be missing the point. The point of Jesus’ humanness was not his biology. It was his spirit.

For myself, I have found that divine spirit in myself through the biology of a dog. And I happen to relate most strongly to the black lab because that is the image attached to the spark for me.


Art by Karol Fenner

Murphy cared not one whit about what breed you were, how big or small, male or female. She just wanted to know you and she wanted you to know her. She never needed to be the center of attention and would have shared anything that was hers with someone else and gladly accept anything you had to share with her. She also had no problem correcting those who were out of line, but only enough to teach them how to stay centered. Most importantly, she showed us that fighting amongst ourselves never accomplished anything. She knew that rolling over and exposing your vulnerability was sometimes the best thing to do.

Still, more than a year after she’s been gone, people look at our new dogs and ask, “Is that Murphy?” Rather than reply that she is no longer with us, I guess the best response would be to ask them, “Do you see The Murph in her?”

It has been noted that DOG is the reflected image of GOD. I’m not much good at math but I think that somehow works into the equation A + B = C (the holy trinity?) which means that Jesus must have been a dog. And my dog just happens to be a black lab.

This Christmas season, gather all your dogs near, no matter what breed they are. The spark lives in every one of them.

(Next post: “The Father, The Son, and The Holy Goats”)


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